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Names fascinate me, particularly the ones related to Juli, Joan, Anna and Anne. At some point I became curious as to the origin and meanings of such names. The research led me to France, and I was amazed to see how most of them are so French and so Joan Of Arc. Well, maybe not as simple as that. Anna dates back to the Israelites, (with early Greek, Latin, French & English adaptations); it means 'the grace/gift/favor of God' and 'beautiful;' while Juli goes Roman/Latin, and romantic, as in Romeo and Juliet. 'Julius' means youthful, downy (soft, fluffy, soothing, down-to-earth); the French version, Jules, means a vase, like a flower-vase.

Juli: The great Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar, quickly comes to mind -- I understand the month of July was named after him. There was also Julius Nyerere, a renowned President of Tanganyika (now Tanzania, I think). And then the literary genius, William Shakespeare, who immortalized Juliet with one of the best (and most popular) romantic stories ever told -- Romeo and Juliet -- which has become synonymous to love, romance, passion, etc.

Joan (sometimes spelt Jo-An or JoAn): The legendary Joan Of Arc (French: Jeanne D'Arc), of course, gave 'Joan' and 'Anna/Anne' the popularity they have today, although there have been many other famous people or stories in history, including Saints, Queens and Princesses, (even Goddesses like Diana), with equivalent names, like Johann(e), Don Juan, Joan Jetts, Joan Baez, the biblical John the Baptist and the Book of John, etc.

For many years in the USA alone, 'Anna' was either the 1st, or the 2nd most given name; and for over a century, it has generally been within the 50 top given names, nation-wide; and with its inexhaustible variants and combinations, it still dominates every other name, ever, both in the USA and the other countries of the world.

It's not an over-statement to say that all the countries of the world have versions of these names -- Juli, Joan, Anna & Anne -- and they're spelt and pronounced in any possible manner and combination imaginable. The English month of July, for example, is:

Hulyo (Cebuano, Filipino),
iulie (Romanian),
iyul (Azerbaijani),
Jiyè (Haitian Creole),
Jolay (Malagasy),
Juillet (French),
júl (Slovak),
Julaay (Somali),
Julai (Malay, Swahili),
Julayi (Xhosa, Zulu),
Julho (Portuguese),
Juli (Bosnian, Danish, Dutch, German, Indonesian, Javanese, Luxembourgish, Norwegian, Sudanese, Swedish),
Júlí (Icelandic),
Julie (Afrikaans),
Julij (Slovenian),
Jūlijs (Latvian),
Julio (Esperanto, Spanish),
Juliol (Catalan),
július (Hungarian),
July (Chichewa, English, Frisian, Igbo, Latin, Sesotho, Shona),
Juuli (Estonian),
Luglio (Italian),
Lugliu (Corsican),
Iúil (Irish),
Lulai (Samoan),
Lulju (Maltese),
Lyul (Uzbek),
Xullo (Galician),
Yuli (Hausa).

I'm also surprised to see that, very presumptuously, at least 50% of all names and words, (in all languages of the world put together), contain a variation of 'anna,' whether as 'an,' 'ane,' 'ano,' 'ani,' 'anh,' 'any,' 'na,' 'nn,' etc., e.g.: Dan, Dana, Dane, Daniel, Danielle, Daniella, Danny, Dannie, Dennis, Denny, Stephanie, Lavonne, Helena, Wayne, Wynn, Ramona, Drennan, Duran, DeAndra/DeAndrea, Blanca, Corina, Corona, Chandler, Danilo, Martina, Nona, Glenna, Renan, Banh, Danh, LoAn (Vietnamese), Manna, bonanza, granola, manner, banana, etc.; or variations of Jeanne, as in Jane, Jean, or sound-alikes like Jayne, Jain/Jaine, Janh, Janine, etc. And there is 'mANNEd' as in a 'manned' or an 'un-manned' spacecraft.

There are many names of countries, cities and streets too that have a variant of 'Anna' in them, like 'Canada,' 'Panama,' 'Indiana' 'Louisiana,' 'Guyana,' 'Santa Anna,' 'San Juan,' 'Minna,' etc. There's even a city in Texas, USA, named 'Anna,' and there are structures (hotels, businesses, products, schools, etc.) all over the world also named 'Anna' or a varaiation of it.

Interestingly, two of the most popular words in usage have 'an' in them: Man & Woman. Also, we all know how an unknown person is commonly called 'John Doe' (male) or 'Jane Doe (female).'

So, out of even more curiosity, I started collecting names wherever I saw them. As the collection progressed I became more and more speechless, and equally intrigued. At one point I wanted to conclude it was a useless quest and give up the search because I feared I'd end up indexing more than 50% of all names and dictionary words in every known language. Definitely not possible! But again, I thought it was fun, thrilling, even more fascinating and exciting to simply see the immense variation such two simple names have, particularly 'Anna,' not to mention the many combination-names like Carrie-Anne.

Un-officially speaking: 'Anne' and it's variations are the most common prefixes or suffixes in combination names, e.g.: AnneMarie, AnnaMarie, AnnaMaria, MariAnna, MaryAnne, JuliAnne, JuliAnna, PollyAnna, RosAnna, RuthAnne, SuzAnna, SuzAnne, SarAnna, etc.

So, here I am, after a few years of casually writing down these names, (which I still do). I still have a hand-full more in my scratch-pads that need to be typed up, and I'll upload and update as often as I can. I'm starting by uploading 1,500 names; (now a total of 16,966 names).

I love names; I think they're cool. I never hesitate to ask people their names, and every now and then I hear one that literally screams: "Hey guys, I'm so unique!" And they usually are. Sometimes I'd hear or see a name I think is extra unique that there must be only one of it in the world, and then to my utter amazement, in not too long it would pop-up in two or more places. Whenever that happens I'm filled with so much awe of how we all share common naming traits from continent to continent. Really cool! It's like looking at a painting hanging on the wall; you're not sure what you see, but you're so mesmerized by it that you can't take your eyes off; and when asked "What are you looking at?" or "What is it about this painting that you like?" you can't even tell, and you simply answer: "I don't know, but there is something striking about this painting... it kind of speaks to me in a certain way..."

This is truly one fun thing that I ever did in my life; it's the most easy-going, effortless hobby I ever embarked on, worth the tiny time in every way!

Feel free to add to it by clicking on the 'Submit' button (coming soon).

And I'd be very glad to read your comments (coming soon).

-- Yours truly, Juli.

Disclaimer: Some names may be registered/trademarks of some companies; user beware, and take all responsibilities.

Inspired by, & Dedicated to:
Saint Joan Of Arc,
the breath that keeps me going.